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The NLP Practitioner Certification training from Transforming People Academy is a world class training and is recognised globally.
Why Attend our 7 Day NLP Practitioner Certification
Turn Up your Speakers and Listen
What You Will Learn
  • Learn true models of excellence
  •  Gain a deep understanding of how the human mind works
  •  Eliminate self-sabotage from your life when outside your ‘comfort zone’
  •  Experience increased creativity and improved problem solving skills
  •  Learn excellent negotiation skills and powerful skills in managing conflict
  •  Improve your self-confidence, concentration and assertiveness
  •  Get the results you want consistently
  •  Plus, you’ll have a Certification Training that is recognized all over the world
Next Dates:
NLP Practitioner Certification 
7 Day Accelerated Training. 
Ballynahinch, County Down
19th - 25th January 2019
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Course Syllabus
  • Foundations of NLP – The principles that make NLP work. Powerful insights into transformational change
  •  Well-Formed Outcomes – Setting goals that you can achieve consistently
  •  Rapport & the Mind-Body Connection – Learn how to get on well with people that you choose and how to have better congruence and certainty in your life
  •  Representation Systems – Understand how we see the world inside our mind, and how what we think affects other people
  •  Submodalities – Understand how we encore our internal model of the world. Learn how to break unwanted habits, even phobias
  •  Anchoring – Learn how to create powerful resource anchors and how to collapse anchors to remove bad feelings
  •  Language and Communications – Become a master communicator. Learn, install and utilise the language patterns of Dr. Milton H. Erickson. Discover how to use the Meta Model to uncover the deep structure of language. Maintain Agreement in meetings, sales opportunities and discover the real problems in therapeutic intervention
  •  Visual Squash Parts Integration – Learn how to discover & resolve internal conflict.
  •  Strategies – Learn how to elicit and utilise strategies
  •  Time Line Therapy ® Techniques – Learn about the relationship between emotions and memories and how to let them go. Learn to release anger, sadness, fear, guilt and hurt and set goals you can achieve consistently.
  •  Transformational Metaphors – Learn how to communicate directly with the unconscious mind and how you can construct and design metaphors specifically for your clients to create deep and long lasting change
  •  Hypnosis– Learn all about deep relaxation trance and how to utilise this in the general hypnotherapy paradigm.
You will receive 3 certifications as a result of attending this training
What if I invest in this training?
Imagine you have the ability to see the world for what it really is, and not through the rosy tinted glasses of guesswork, assumptions, false beliefs, and inaccurate predictions. Imagine being able to communicate in a way that gives clear understandings and removes inaccuracies. Imagine being able to avoid frustration, and find out what the real problem is. Imagine having a model in your head that you can use to understand any presenting problem.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an extremely powerful technology that provides this level of understanding.

Once you complete your Certification Training, you will have the ability to set clear goals with focus and motivation. You will be able to identity obstacles and problems that hold people back. You will have some of the most powerful communication tools on the planet for understanding and communicating directly with the unconscious mind. You will have the ability to change the direction of your life and start creating a better future.

Would you find this valuable? Join us in the training room.
How can I learn all this in just 7 days?
    Before attending the course you will receive your home study media program and your  Home Study manual - All of which is included in your investment!

    You will then receive coaching on the best learning strategies to cover the content and home study material in a way that is effective and efficient on your time. By the time you enter the training room you will already be well grounded on the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

    When you attend the 7-day intensive training. We will then install all the skills and abilities you need to become an excellent Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis.

    On top of this you’ll receive personal coaching from our team of highly trained coaching assistants.

    We have a high ratio of coaches for all our Certification Training courses, typically 1 coaching assistant for every 5 students.

Life Time Support

Remember that this NLP Certification Training come with Life Time Support.

We give all our students this promise to support you as as you grow and learn, so if you are ever in need of help, or you have a question, or you want help with your business, we are there for you. Not just for this year, but for as long as you need, so if you say “Hey, can you talk to me about the T.O.T.E model in strategies?” or “What the three things you need to know, to make Visual Squash parts integration work and work every time“, you can contact us and we will support you.

In fact, all our students get a life time support for all our Certification Trainings. You can contact us any time.
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What People Say About Our Training
The most self-transforming week of my life! The training has dramatically accelerated all areas of my life and still continues to do so. Not only is Micheal’s training style personal, engaging and humorous his genuine passion for development is infectious.

Ryan Renfrew
My greatest achievement this week was getting 100% in the test. Aim for 100% and make it achievable. Personally that was a massive mind shift. Excellent Training

Mandy Reid
To see Micheal in action is to see one of Europe’s finest trainers and therapists of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®. He is an amazing teacher because he makes the material so easy to understand and utilise. He is a superb presenter and a gifted storyteller, which makes his trainings so much fun! Above all he is a special person with a mission to transform the world and to enable everyone to be as happy and healthy as they would wish themselves.

Judy Bentley
Intense, exhilarating and inspiring are the best three words to describe the 7 day experience that was the Practitioner course in NLP! This week will be etched in my mind for a long time, bringing a very positive frame of mind into all my future endeavours.
Margaret Harrington

I can totally recommend Tranceforming People’s NLP Training. Micheal Colhoun is a very personable and effective trainer who is really passionate about ensuring that everyone learns and reaps the benefits of NLP. I know that this course will transform me and my business.
Ian Walton

The Practitioner Training with Micheal Colhoun was the best training I’ve attended in the last 20 years, uplifts every aspect of my work and life immediately.
Esther Moser

For Help and Bookings: 
Call us during normal working hours 
Mon - Fri on 
UK 028 95320007 
Ireland 048 95320007 
Training Locations: 
Ballinahinch, Co. Down

Belfast : 29 Minutes (17.7 miles)
Downpatrick :  20 minutes ( 10.6 miles)
Lisburn : 23 Minutes ( 11.2 miles)
Newry: 44 minutes (33 miles)
Londonderry : 2 Hours (87 miles)
Dublin : 1 Hour 53 Minutes (97 miles)

(All Travel Distances are Estimates from Google Maps)
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To Pay in Installments: 
Call us during normal working hours 
Mon - Fri on UK 028 95320007 
Ireland 048 95320007 
More Feedback from our students 

Micheal’s presentation skills, focus, delivery, sense of fun, and infectious enthusiasm for the subject made this the most worthwhile and value for money training that I have undertaken. The investment of time and money is insignificant when compared with the gains and value of doing this training.
My recommendation – just do it!
Bernard Carroll

I am just home from the 7 day accelerated NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy by Micheal at Transforming people Academy. I had the most enlightening experience. I learned so many valuable tools to use in my personal as well as my professional life all delivered in a fantastic teaching style. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for change. Thank you.
Mark Gibney

I found the week have me real insights and understands to my personal life that I can immediately apply to my daily life. This course came at exactly the right time to take stock and develop a new mindset. I highly recommend training with Micheal.
Andrew Cuthbert

A whale stuck in a well. That was me before the 7 days NLP Practitioner training. 
So much potential but not knowing what to do or how to use it. 
The NLP Practitioner training was my explosion of realisation of the potential within me and 
the changes I can make to my own life to make it better and brighter. 
Definitely one of the best investments I have made so far in life.
Gerard Brennan

This is the simply the best training I have been involved in. Is has taken my understanding of transformation to higher levels and given me tools to help create deep change in people. I have no doubt my business will be taken to another level by attending this training
Vinty Firth

This training was so enlightening. I am taking away actual techniques that I am 100% sure work and so much that will be of use in day to day life too.

Transforming People Academy's NLP Practitioner Training is totally life-changing. My whole thinking has flipped over and I've taken control of my life, decisions and goals. This training is invaluable, necessary and transformational.

The 7 Day NLP Practitioner Certification is simply Transformational! As an already established coach, I found the course invaluable and cannot wait to use the teachings in my own business
Next Dates:
NLP Practitioner Certification 
7 Day Accelerated Training. 
Ballynahinch, County Down
19th - 25th January 2019
Enrolment Closes in:
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NLP Home Coach Program FREE Bonus
Total Investment £2760
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To Pay in Installments: 
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Mon - Fri on UK 028 95320007 
Ireland 048 95320007 
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Why Start Now?

"The NLP Home Coach Program  is a fantastic way to get started with our NLP Practitioner Certification Training, and since it's a prerequisite for our live 7 day training, you will need to complete this program before you attend"

Your NLP Home Coach Program is a Prerequisite for Your NLP Practitioner Certification Training and is only available from us.

Micheal Colhoun, Lead Trainer

What you will receive:
  • 20 Audio Programs:  You will receive 20 Audio Programs on USB which you can transfer to your Phone or Laptop and Listen on your own time. Each Program is a deep dive into a specific area of nlp, such as Rapport, Language, Communication, Anchoring, Strategies, Selling, How the Mind Works and how to get Better Results in Business, Personal Life and in Relationships,.
  •  Your NLP Home Coach Manual:  Your 200 page manual is Jam-packed with information on everything you need to know to be proficient as a NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Easy Learning Toolkit  As Part of your NLP Home Coach Program, we are further offering you a Free Bonus of our NLP Easy Learning Toolkit. This 5 week Webinar Series will help you get focused and complete the whole program quickly and start getting results in your Life and Business
  •  NLP Coaching Discover Call: We will schedule an NLP Coaching Session   to help you get clear on your objectives and visions for how our NLP Home Coach Program can help you move forward quickly
  •  Facebook Secret Group: You will also get access to our Secret Facebook Community Group where you can post questions, and connect with other NLP Practitioner who are just a few steps ahead of you. This is a valuable resource and use it wisely.
  •  The Pillars of Transformation:  You will also get a FREE copy of the Pillars of Transformation book that show you want you need to change in your Mindset. You will also learn how these key principles can help you Change Your Life and Create Your Destiny
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