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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we offer payment plan of 4 equal payments over a maximum of 4 months. For example, a deposit payment on enrolment, plus 3 additional monthly payments. You will however miss out on any fast-action bonuses that we offer.


    You can become certified as an Associate Coach by completing our online foundation course and passing our online test. This foundation course is over 40 hours of content and you will be assessed on your knowledge of this material.

    To become fully qualified as a professional Breakthrough Coach will take a minimum of 18 months. This is a requirement to give you time to absorb and practice the depth of material under the watchful eye of an experienced mentor.

    We have found that the standard in coaching worldwide is vast and varied. In order to give everyone a level playing field, everyone has to enter at the same level and cover the material in the same way. Only this way can we be guaranteed that you meet the standard for certification as a professional Breakthrough Coach.

    There are no refunds on online pre-recorded courses.

    For Live (online or in-house) trainings, we do not offer refunds on payments 14 days after enrolment. You can defer your training for up to 2 years from enrolment, after which your enrolment expires.

    If you defer prior to 60 days of the training commencement there is no cost for deferring, but there is a cost of deferring if it is less than 60 days. See our refunds policy. 


    Yes, You are very welcome to apply. We believe that people who choose to work with us are more ambitious and will learn faster and become more accomplished.

    There is an application to becoming an inhouse coach. You can coach on any course that you have attended subject to application and acceptance. You will need to attended an online training and assessment first.  There is a small fee for this online training and assessment.