About Us

Transforming People Academy is a world-class Training Academy that teaches entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders like you to create exceptional results in your life, career and relationships.

What We do

We teach entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders how to achieve ambitious goals. Our mission is to provide high-quality world class trainings to achieve real, measurable results. Join us and start your journey. If you recognise that the biggest obstacle in the way of your success is You, then reach out and start a conversation.

Our Story

Hello and Welcome! Micheal and Majella Colhoun here! We are both passionate about transformation. Since 2005, we have immersed ourselves in understanding deep and long lasting transformational change. We now teach this to our students. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and create the life you deserve.

What Our Students Have to Say

This is simply the best training I have been involved in. It has taken my understanding of transformation to higher levels and given me tools to help create deep change in people. ​
Vinty Firth
6 Degrees Coaching
My greatest achievement this week was getting 100% in the test. Aim for100% and make it achievable. Personally that was a massive mind shift. Excellent training.
Mandy Reid
Micheal is one of Europe's finest trainers and therapists. He is an amazing teacher because he makes the material so easy to understand and utilise. He is a man on a mission to transform the world!
Jude Bentley
Happy Weight Founder
The most self-transforming week of my life! The training has dramatically accelerated all areas of my life and still continues to do so. Micheal's training style is personal, engaging and humorous, his genuine passion for development is infectious.
Ryan Renfrew